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詳細介紹AVM MA 30.3結合了傳統與創新的極致表現,這款單聲道擴大機以Class A / AB架構為基礎,每聲道提供高達300瓦(4Ω)的強大輸出,不僅如此,擁有專業級的550 VA環形電源變壓器,確保穩定的電源輸出;其獨特之處在於平衡的XLR和非平衡的RCA輸入,讓您體驗音樂的精湛細節。


MA 30.3還具有環保特色,待機功耗低於1瓦,展現對環境的關懷,外殼提供銀色或黑色鋁版本,工藝精湛,堅固耐用。 AVM MA 30.3的設計源於AVM音響的傳奇前身M3,而現代的MA 30.3融合了新穎的元素,如智慧遙控開關功能,音質傳承了M3的卓越傳統,同時引入了AVM OVATION系列的創新設計,結果是一款價格親民、音質卓越的現代化單聲道功率擴大機。


詳細規格:類比輸入: 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR輸出功率: 2 x 300 W, 4Ω(傳統AB類)揚聲器輸出: 2對功耗: 550 W最大 / 待機狀態<1 W重量: 13 kg尺寸: 380 x 230 x 100 mm (深 x 寬 x 高)The MA 30.3 power amplifiers at a glance

  • Class A / AB power amplifier with 300 W (4 Ohm)
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input
  • Stabilized power supply unit with 550 VA toroidal power transformer
  • 2 separate power supplies for the front end and power amplifier
  • Sieving with a total of over 40,000 µF
  • Protection circuits against DC voltage, excess temperature and short circuit
  • Automatic signal sensitive mode and trigger input (on / off)
  • AIR (AVM Intelligent Remote) convenient on / off function without trigger cable in connection with AVM preamplifiers
  • Bi-wiring terminals
  • Environmentally friendly standby power below 1 watt
  • Housing versions: silver or black

Like all components from the AVM 30.3 series, the MA 30.3 mono power amplifiers are based on a legendary predecessor, the M3. The former M3 Class A / AB mono power amplifiers are still considered to be one of the sonic highlights in amplifier design – worldwide. It all began in the mid-eighties with developments that led to the M1 and the founding of AVM in 1986. The M3 then replaced the M1 in the early 1990s and was built in various evolutionary stages until 2011. To this day, these tonally excellent power amplifiers are the most popular mono power amplifiers from AVM. With the MA 30.3, the 14th generation of the famous AVM power amplifiers is now available – all AVM expertise since 1986 has been incorporated into this evolutionary stage the MA 30.3.

The MA 30.3 also have a great legacy in terms of sound. It’s ancestor, the M3 provided the template for its modern descendant, the MA 30.3. Essential features such as the structure of the MOS-FET output stages around the colossal main transformer have been retained and modern features such as the intelligent remote switch-on have been added. Far-reaching innovations in circuit design from the award-winning large AVM power amplifiers of the OVATION series were also introduced in MA 30.3. These innovations are made possible by the use of the most modern components as they can also be found in our flagships of the power amplifiers, the SA & MA 8.3. All in all, this resulted in new and ultra-modern mono power amplifiers that play at the highest level in terms of sound for a moderate price.

All functions of the MA 30.3 are automated (protective circuit etc.). There are also extensive setting options with which the switch-on modes can be selected (automatic, trigger, permanent on). With the AIR (AVM Intelligent Remote) function, the output stages of current AVM preamplifiers (e.g. PA 30.3, PA 8.3 etc.) can be switched on and off without the need for a separate trigger cable. The required control signal is simply transmitted via the RCA or XLR cable.

The perfectly processed housing made of painted sheet steel provides the stable base to safely carry the huge main transformers and sensitive electronics. The brushed aluminum front borrows from current devices of the EVOLUTION series as well as the AVM M3 Monos. Standard housing versions are silver and black.

Introduces in autumn 2020 and like all AVM devices, the MA 30.3 were also completely developed in the AVM high-end R&D centre in Malsch in order to incorporate the latest circuit designs of the award-winning components from the OVATION and EVOLUTION series into the AVM 30.3 series. Repeated, intensive quality controls during all production steps and a break-in period of several days for each individual device secure the AVM promise of maximum reliability in the long term.

AVM MA30.3 單聲道後級擴大機 一組兩台

NT$ 169,000價格


Analog Inputs

1 x RCA, 1 x XLR

Output Power

2 x 300 W [4Ω]

Speaker Outputs

2 Pairs

Power Consumption

550 W max / < 1 W standby

Product Weight

13 kg

Product Dimensions

380 x 230 x 100 mm (L x W x H)

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